What If I Can’t Afford the Court Fees? – Fee Waivers in Yakima

A Step-by-Step Guide to Fee Waivers in Yakima!

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Court costs can easily become prohibitive. If filing fees or other court-related fees are too expensive for you, you can apply for a fee waiver. This can help with your fees for a dissolution (divorce), parentage case, or any other court fees that may arise during the course of litigation. This can be a huge help if you are operating on a limited budget.

Fee waivers are pretty straightforward. You can qualify for a fee-waiver if:

  • you have a household income at or below 125% of the poverty guidelines (from $1,256.25 per month for a family of 1, through $4,304.16 per month for a family of 8);
  • you have an income above 125% of the poverty guidelines but make a case that you cannot meet basic household living expenses if you must pay the fees; or
  • you receive benefits from one or more needs-based, means-tested assistance programs, such as TANF, SSI, or food stamps; or
  • you’ve qualified for free legal aid services. (See GR 24_0500 Order re Waiver of Civil Fees and Surcharges.)

There are three documents you need to fill out and bring to court are: (click to download forms)

  1.  Motion and Declaration for Waiver of Civil Fees and Surcharges. Here you move the court to waive fees under GR 34, and have space to write down additional information you believe the court should consider.
  2. Financial Statement. This worksheet is where you let the court know your income and expenses.
  3. Order Re Waiver of Civil Fees and Surcharges. This is the order the judge will sign when you present your motion for a fee waiver.


For more information / other resources, please see:

WashingtonLawHelp.org – “Filing for Waiver of Your Filing Fee

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